Young Girl, Older Woman

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Young Girl, Older Women

So there was this lady that I knew and I loved, she loved me.

She taught me so many things, it was important because a lot of the things she taught me, I just didn’t know.

I came from this little, little town.

You know, she was worldly and taught me so many new things.

She taught me things when I came to her house.

It was a time in her life when she would get hot a lot of the time and so when she opened the door, she would open the door with no clothes on.

She had so many beautiful things on her body, her skin was like this caramel colour.

She was such a beautiful lady, when I saw her, it didn’t mean much because it was just Summer.

I told my brother about it, he told me she was a lesbian, that she was trying to make me want her.

I told him she can’t be a lesbian, she has a little girl.

He told me she wants me to be what she is; I told him it wasn’t like that.

My brother told me he never wanted me to be with her, never to be in the same bed.

One night she had to spend a night with me, my brother knew she was there.

He said that she wasn’t allowed to spend the night.

I got out of bed and went to bed with her; he woke up early in the morning and knocked on the door, asking ‘IS SHE IN THERE WITH YOU?’

I told him she was, so what.

He stormed into the room and parted us, screaming that she wasn’t allowed near me.

Eventually I got him to leave.

I was almost taken again, that was a close one…

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