Men With Glasses


Men with Glasses

So I had to tell you a secret, a secret about me. I love men..

I love all men but I especially love men that wear glasses, I love the ones that wear glasses.

There’s something so sexy, alluring and wonderful about men that wear glasses.

I can’t get over it.

When I think of them, I dream about them, if I even see them on the street or in a shop, wherever I am, I’ll be¬†minding my own business when a man with glasses will walk past, I feel this rush in me, the kind where I can’t get over myself.

When I walk into a room and it’s full of men I instantly turn to the ones wearing glasses.

I’m so turned on by glasses, I get so turned on.

I can put on some glasses and I’ll get instantly turned on.¬†

If you’re a man and wearing glasses, I’ll be the girl for you, there’s nothing I won’t do for you because you’re the man of my dreams. I will do anything for you..

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