Let Me Kiss You Down There

Let Me Kiss You Down There


There was another time with a girl that I really liked, it happened again where I was almost taken.

Every morning we would talk, recapping what happened yesterday over the phone.

One morning she came over, wanting to talk in person

She said she wanted not to talk, just to see me.

I agreed but she told me she wanted to see more of me, I giggled but she was more persistent, she told me about how cute and perky I was.

I told her I was happy all the time, but she wasn’t talking about that kind of perky…

She told me she wanted to kiss my perky…

I told her she couldn’t she was a girl; she couldn’t kiss my things…

I said no again.

She told me over the phone every morning, she had been using a machine to pleasure herself whilst talking.

She just wanted to kiss me so bad, I told her no. Villiers Private Jet Charter

So she told me she wanted to kiss me in that other area.

Of course I said no, that she had to be joking.

She begged me to put my mouth down there… I told her if she did it to me, I would have to do it to her.

She said I didn’t have to do it to her.

I kept thinking about it, but still refusing her. I would never be her machine, I was only a girl.

It almost happened again, I almost got taken.

But I didn’t let it happen… *moaning*

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