Almost Taken


Almost Taken

So one morning my girlfriend came over, we were talking and everything.

And suddenly she just threw me on my chair, she just threw me down and kissed me.

So I said ‘no you can’t do that, you can’t do that!’ Villiers Private Jet Charter

She said ‘but I love you!’

I said ‘I don’t care, you can’t do that and I was trying to tell her why she can’t do it but she said ‘but I love you and you smell so good and you look so good, I’ve thought about this for so many months, I just have to do this.’

I said ‘no you can’t’ and she kept pushing me and kept trying to lay me down and I kept saying ‘No! You can’t do that!’

She told me she loved me so I said again ‘I don’t care, I love you too but not like that, so you just stop.

No, no, no!’ And she said ‘just please lay down and let me.’

I told her no, no, no, I told her I don’t love her like that’

Finally she stopped, I haven’t talked to her since then.

The funny thing is I liked when she threw me down and took it, not that I liked it from her.

But I like it when a men does that to me.

Oh man, if a man throws me down and takes it.

Now, okay now I wouldn’t fight as much.

I love when a man takes me and pushes me down and says those wonderful things like she told me, I loved when she told me she loved how I smelt and I felt so good.

I loved when she told me she was hers.

I would love if a man would just do… well everything a man does.

It’s that kind of aggressive way, i would respond to his muscles and his power in a feminine way.

I would match everything he would do to me.

I love men, I love being taken by a man

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